Bloomberg Survey: Most Lawyers Predict SEC Climate Rule Not to Stay

The SEC announced the release and adoption of the new rules in early March, two years after the Commission issued its initial draft, which for the first time established requirements for public companies in the United States to provide risk disclosure information [...]

Proposed regulations for international carbon credit exchange

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is collecting comments on the draft Decree amending and supplementing a number of articles of Decree No. 06/2022/ND-CP dated January 07, 01 of the Government regulating the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. glass and protect the ozone layer. In particular, many regulations aim to strengthen the work [...]

Supplementing regulations on the roadmap for allocating greenhouse gas emission quotas to 3 sectors

As expected, in the first phase, quotas will be allocated to establishments with high emissions in three fields: thermal power, iron and steel production, cement production... May 3, 9, Department of Transformation climate, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment organized a consultation workshop [...]

Principles for implementing greenhouse gas inventory in the Industry and Trade sector

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has issued Circular 38/2023/TT-BCT regulating techniques for measurement, reporting, appraisal of greenhouse gas emission mitigation, and greenhouse gas inventory in the Industry and Trade sector. The Circular clearly stipulates the principles for conducting greenhouse gas inventory and measuring, reporting, and appraising [...]


According to the roadmap, by 2025 our country will establish a carbon trading floor. Domestic and international experts say that Vietnam has great potential for carbon credit supply, expected to bring high economic benefits. Developing the carbon credit market will help [...]

Building a global carbon market

The carbon market is currently one of the key solutions and policies of countries to promote reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Worldwide, this market is growing rapidly both in terms of transaction market share as well as participating organizations. Cross-border carbon pricing[…]

EU CBAM mechanism: Motivation or challenge for the iron and steel industry?

The EU's carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) will take effect during the transition period on October 1. Meanwhile, iron and steel production is one of the industries that emits the most carbon and falls under this mechanism. So the export activities of businesses [...]

Amend and supplement a number of regulations on emission reduction and ozone layer protection

On March 1, in Hanoi, the Drafting Board and Editorial Team of the Decree amending and supplementing a number of articles of Decree 3/06/ND-CP stipulating the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and protection of Ozone (Decree) meeting at the headquarters of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment). Much[…]

New EDF-Harvard Satellite Will Monitor Methane Emissions From Oil And Gas Production Globally

MethaneSAT, a collaborative project between the Environmental Defense Fund, Harvard University and others, aims to combat climate change through improved monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions. A satellite promises to play a key role in [...]