Users 'wait' for policies to solve the problem of electric vehicle charging stations

With the rapid development of the electric car industry, more and more consumers are choosing electric vehicles as an alternative solution that is both economical and environmentally friendly. However, finding an electric vehicle charging station is still a big difficulty for many people [...]

Developing electric vehicle charging stations based on German experience

According to experts, experience from Germany shows that preparing adequate and appropriate charging stations is one of the important factors and Vietnam should refer to this model. The rate of charging stations in Vietnam is still too low According to experts, Vietnam has set a target [...]

Hanoi University of Science and Technology received 2 Mini EVs for study and research

On December 26, 12, School of Mechanical Engineering - Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HNUT) received 2023 American joint venture vehicles (SGMW) - Mini EV to serve research, study and practice activities in the department. school's automotive subject. Two Mini EV cars were purchased by PCN Company[…]

VinFast joins hands with Marubeni Group to cooperate in reusing electric vehicle batteries

On December 18, 12, VinFast and Marubeni Group (“Marubeni”) officially announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on cooperation in reusing electric vehicle batteries towards the goal of developing a circular economy. The memorandum of understanding marks an important step forward in the strategic partnership [...]

Electric vehicle charging costs in the world, Vietnam and the economic problem between electric vehicles and gasoline vehicles

To answer the questions: Which countries have the most expensive electric vehicle charging costs and which countries have the cheapest? What is the difference in fuel costs to travel 100 km between a gasoline car and an electric car? Per kilometer, car owners in Vietnam save [...]