About Us

Vietnam Green Innovation Joint Stock Company (GREEN IN) was established in 2018 operates under the social enterprise model.

GREEN IN determines that solving Environmental and Social issues is the core of its activities. GREEN IN commits to spending at least 51% of profits from business activities to implement social and environmental goals.

By the end of 2023, GREEN IN has consulted and implemented many sustainable energy solutions in 16 provinces and cities nationwide, contributing to improving the livelihoods and health of more than 50.000 people and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. locally.

GREEN IN also continuously provides and shares updated information on new policies, technologies, trends and development opportunities at home and abroad with partners.


GREEN IN becomes a leading social enterprise contributing to accelerating the green transition process in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.


  • For businesses: Consulting on solutions for green transformation, sustainable development, towards net zero to optimize costs and enhance brand and product value
  • For schools: contribute to cultivating a generation of global citizens who take climate action by greening infrastructure, fostering skills and
    network connection
  • For young people: Practical training in Green skills to prepare high-quality human resources for the green economy
  • For disadvantaged groups: Invest and support access to clean electricity, contributing to ensuring a fair energy transition in Vietnam

Core values

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Our services

GREEN IN's list of services:  

  • Climate Action: Greenhouse gas accounting service, CBAM compliance, and bussiness emissions reduction plans  
  • Workforce Development: Training and consulting in effective and creative working skills     
  • Green Development: Research and development of innovative solutions for energy usage, green transportation, emission reducation, green jobs 
  • Sutainable Energy Solutions: Consultation on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and other green technologies   
  • Community Building: Fostering networks through events, seminars, workshops,...  
  • Financial Support: Connecting green finance sources 
  • Technology & Production: Technology transfer, research products, green production process    
  • Project Management & Startups: Consulting for project managment and startups support