Cơ hội nhận £5,000 cho thanh niên thực hiện hành động vì khí hậu


The world needs to transition to clean energy in a just and equitable way. We need to accelerate the uptake of renewable energy and ensure that all communities everywhere have access to safe, clean energy.

We need strong pro-renewables people-powered campaigns around the world. Campaigns that centre communities and put pressure on governments and corporations to support the fair transition to clean energy.

The Youth Climate Fund for Clean Energy is looking to support emerging young climate leaders and highly promising youth-led organisations or groups working on strategic campaign efforts to accelerate the fair transition to clean energy.

Is this fund for me?

The YCF grant will be for young climate leaders & activists who have an on-going campaign, a solid strategic campaign plan or a strategic project or tactic that they are working to implement.

Applicants should:

  • Be between the ages of 18-34
  • Have a clear campaign or project idea on the fair transition to clean energy that can be worked on in 2024 
  • Have a clear timeline for the implementation of your idea of between 3-12 months (Between January 2024 and December 2024)
  • Have identified key stakeholders and/or audiences that you want to influence and engage or mobilise, short and long-term goals and how you will assess your impact

What will we fund?

We are particularly interested in campaigns and projects that: 

  • Raise the stakes with national, regional or local governments – pushing for policy and action for people-centred clean energy access. This could include “YIMBY” campaigns (“Yes In My Back Yard”) – positive campaigns calling for renewable energy implementation in your community, city or region – or securing commitments from governments to renewable energy targets and support.
  • Push institutions or companies to commit to sourcing their energy from clean sources – such as your university or a corporate target.
  • Make the link between clean mobility and clean energy: advocating for public transport and/or electrification based on renewable energy
  • Tackle the economic transition that is needed to underpin the clean energy transition (for example: finance, debt relief, jobs, public ownership) 
  • Creative and/or innovative cultural campaigning tactics to help shift public narratives around renewable energy. For example (but not limited to), making the case for renewable energy, countering the “dash for gas”, and/or highlighting the co-benefits to communities of clean energy (eg. climate, livelihoods, health, economic benefit, transport) 

We will be accepting applications from across the world, but we are particularly interested in identifying and supporting groups working in the global south, and underrepresented groups in the global north.

Activities that will not be funded:

  • Tree planting
  • Beach & community clean-ups
  • Conservation projects
  • Attending conferences, events
  • Buying renewable energy technology for personal use – eg. clean cooking stoves or solar kits

How much can I apply for?

Depending on the stage of your campaign, you can apply for one of these 3 different levels of funding as listed below:


Preparing the ground: This is for applicants whose campaign is in the ideation or testing phase. You have a concept note ready and are looking at proving your concept. Activities at this stage could include:

  • Going from concept note to campaign design
  • Identifying & sensing key audiences or conducting research/insights into the challenges and opportunities in your context
  • Delivering a test tactic in your campaign
  • Producing test content


Taking first steps: Your campaign is past the ideation phase and you are either ready to launch or looking to scale your campaign. Activities you might be doing at this stage could include:

  • Delivering campaign tactics
  • Testing messaging frames to create compelling content
  • Training community members

£3,000 – £5,000+above

Reaching for impact: Your campaign is well established and you are looking to deepen your impact or scale your work by delivering key outputs. Activities at this level could include (but not limited to):

  • Delivering a series of impactful campaign moments / tactics
  • Engaging and reaching more audiences
  • Training/upskilling towards delivering on ongoing clean energy goals

How we decide

Your completed application will be reviewed by a committee of funding experts from around the world who all want to see climate justice be put at the heart of the energy transition, and support the international youth movement to build their power and impact on the issue.

Our selection criteria will include:

  • Impact potential: The project has the potential for real impact – and applicants have shown how their idea could lead to change. The project is strategic and has clear objectives within a good understanding of the challenges and opportunities in their context.
  • Multiplier effect: The project has the potential to be replicable or scaleable towards even greater impact. Or it could serve as a “lighthouse” project to inspire others through impactful storytelling. 
  • Commitment and values: Applicants have shown that they are committed to climate justice and have an inclusive non-violent approach to their project.

Level of campaigning experience (applies to the “Reaching for impact” level of grant): Applicants have shown that they have already begun to play an active role in climate or civil society campaigning or activism – at a local, regional, national or global level – and are having some success.

How we manage grants

If your application is approved, we will get in touch and assist you in finding the best way to manage your grant. We will ask you to keep receipts of your expenses and, once your project is completed, to report on  the outputs and outcomes and how the grant has helped you achieve your goals. We will be particularly happy to receive photos or videos of your activities! 

Application process and deadlines

Sunday October 22, 2023 [MIDNIGHT CET]: Deadline for the applications. 

Funds will be distributed in December 2023, ready for implementation in 2024.

Activities to be implemented between January and December 2024 (dates determined by your campaign timeline).

Are you ready to apply? Please fill out the form via the link [HERE]

If you have trouble accessing the application and would like to learn more please email: [email protected]


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